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accentnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈæk.sənt/ us /ˈæk.sənt/

accent noun [ C ] (PRONUNCIATION)

B1 the way in which people in a particular area, country, or social group pronounce words

He's got a strong southern/Boston accent. 他说话带有很重的法国/苏格兰口音。
She's French but she speaks with an impeccable English accent. 她是法国人,但说话却是地道的英国腔。
He speaks with a broad/heavy/strong/thick Yorkshire accent. 他说话带有很重的约克郡口音。
I thought I could detect a slight Canadian accent. 我想我可以听得出来一点轻微的英格兰西南部口音。

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accent noun [ C ] (MARK)

B2 a mark written or printed over a letter to show you how to pronounce it

a grave accent 沉音符
There's an acute accent on the e of "café". café 这个词中字母 e 上面有个尖音符号。

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accent noun [ C ] (EMPHASIS)

specialized language, music a special emphasis given to a particular syllable in a word, word in a sentence, or note in a set of musical notes

The accent falls on the final syllable. 重音在最后一个音节上。
the accent is on sth

great importance is given to a particular thing or quality

This season the accent is definitely on long, flowing, romantic clothes. 毫无疑问,本季的服装以修长飘逸、充满浪漫情调为主要特点。

accentverb [ T ]

uk /əkˈsent/ us /ˈæk.sent/

to emphasize something

In any advertising campaign, you must accent the areas where your product is better than the competition. 在广告宣传中,必须突出与竞争对手相比你的产品的优势。
specialized Accent the first note of every bar. 突出每一小节的第一个音符。

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