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uk /əˈkaʊnt/ us /əˈkaʊnt/

account noun (BANK)

B1 [ C ] also bank account an arrangement with a bank to keep your money there and to allow you to take it out when you need to

I've opened an account with a building society. 我在房屋互助协会开了个账户。
I paid the money into my account this morning. 今天上午我把钱存入了我的账户。
UK She paid the cheque into her account. 她把支票存入了账户。
US She deposited the check in her account.
I need to draw some money out of my account. 我得从我的账户上取出一些钱来。

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account noun (REPORT)

B2 [ C ] a written or spoken description of an event

She gave a thrilling account of her life in the jungle. 她把在丛林中生活的经历描述得惊险刺激。
He kept a detailed account of the suspect's movements. 他详细记录了犯罪嫌疑人的一举一动。
Several eyewitnesses' accounts differed considerably from the official version of events. 几个目击者对于事件的叙述和官方的说法有很大出入。
by/from all accounts

C1 as said by most people

By all accounts, San Francisco is a city that's easy to fall in love with. 人人都说旧金山是个很容易令人倾心的城市。
by your own account

If something is true by your own account, what you say is true although you have not proved it.

By his own account, he's quite wealthy. 他自称很富有。

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account noun (REASON)

on account of sth formal

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B2 because of something

He doesn't drink alcohol on account of his poor health. 出于健康原因,他不喝酒。

account noun (BUSINESS)

[ C ] an agreement with a shop or business that allows you to buy things and pay for them later

Could you put it on/charge it to my account (= can I pay for it later), please? 把这笔钱记在我的(赊购)账上好吗?
Do you have an account at this store/with us, madam? 女士,你在我们商店有赊购账户吗?
Could you please pay/settle your account in full (= give us all the money you owe us)? 您可以把赊的账全结清吗?

[ C ] a customer who does business with a company

If the advertising agency loses this account, it will make a big dent in their profits. 如果该广告公司丢掉了统一啤酒公司这个客户,他们的利润就会锐减。

account noun (IMPORTANCE)

be of no/little account formal

to not be important

It's of no account to me whether he comes or not. 他来不来对我来说都无关紧要。
His opinion is of little account to me. 对我来说,他的意见无足轻重。

accountverb [ T + obj + noun/adj ]

uk /əˈkaʊnt/ us /əˈkaʊnt/ formal

account verb [ T + obj + noun/adj ] (JUDGE)

to think of someone or something in the stated way

She was accounted a genius by all who knew her work. 所有知道她作品的人都认为她是个天才。

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