Translation of "act" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I ] (DO SOMETHING) 做某事 uk us /ækt/

to do something for a particular purpose, or to behave in the stated way

[ + to infinitive ] Engineers acted quickly to repair the damaged pipes. 技师们马上采取行动维修损毁的管道。
She acted without thinking. 她不加思索就采取了行动。
The anaesthetic acted (= had an effect) quickly. 麻醉剂很快起了作用。
Who is acting for/on behalf of (= who is representing) the defendant? 谁是被告的代理律师?
He acted as if he'd never met me before. 他摆出一副好像以前从没见过我的样子。
Don't be so silly - you're acting like a child! 别冒傻气了——你的行为简直就像个孩子!
He never acts on other people's advice (= does what other people suggest). 他一意孤行,从不听取别人的建议。
Acting on impulse (= without thinking first) can get you into a lot of trouble. 意气用事,后患无穷。

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