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uk /ədˈmɪn.ɪ.stər/ us /ədˈmɪn.ə.stɚ/

administer verb (MANAGE)

[ T often passive ] also administrate, /ədˈmɪn.ɪ.streɪt/ to control the operation or arrangement of something

The economy has been badly administered by the present government. 现任政府一直不善抓经济工作。

[ T often passive ] to govern a country, region, etc.

The economy has been badly administered by the present government. 现任政府一直不善抓经济工作。

More examples

  • King Darius I is noteworthy for his administrative reforms, military conquests, and religious toleration.
  • an administrative assistant
  • The cost-cutting measures include streamlining administrative procedures in the company.
  • This software claims to reduce administrative costs.
  • The new study looks at the amount of time police officers spend on administrative tasks.
  • We're engaging the services of a professional administrator.
  • Our new administrator seems to be trying to stamp her authority on every aspect of the department.
  • The new administrator in accounts is a real stunner.
  • a college/hospital administrator
  • Both teachers and administrators opposed the proposal to merge the two schools.
  • Reputable charities spend the lion's share of donations on aid and a tiny fraction on administration.
  • Eastern Slavonia is to revert to Croatian government rule next year after a transitional period under U.N. administration.
  • Keeping noise levels low is the bane of airport administration.
  • The new administration is still in the shakedown period.
  • Hard-liners are expected to be purged from the administration.

administer verb (GIVE)

[ T ] formal to cause someone to receive something

to administer medicine/punishment/relief 给药/施加惩罚/发放救济品
Tests will be administered to schoolchildren at seven and twelve years. 7岁、12岁和16岁的学生将接受测试。
figurative The latest opinion polls have administered a severe blow to the party. 最新的民意调查结果对该党来说是当头一棒。
administer an oath to sb formal

to be present while someone says an oath (= a formal promise) officially


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