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uk /əˈdɒp.ʃən/ us /əˈdɑːp.ʃən/

adoption noun (TAKING CHILD)

B2 [ C or U ] the act of legally taking a child to be taken care of as your own

She was homeless and had to put her child up for adoption (= ask for the child to be taken by someone else as their own). 她无家可归,只好让别人收养她的孩子。
The last ten years have seen a dramatic fall in the number of adoptions. 过去10年中收养孩子的人数明显减少了。

adoption noun (STARTING TO USE)

[ U ] accepting or starting to use something new

Several suggestions have been offered for adoption by the panel. 总共提出了几种建议以供专家小组采纳。

adoption noun (CHOOSING)

[ U ] choosing or taking something as your own

England was Conrad's country of adoption. 康拉德移居英国。
The adoption of a woman candidate was seen as controversial. 选择一位女候选人很有争议。

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