Translation of "advertise" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T or I ] uk /ˈæd.və.taɪz/ us /ˈæd.vɚ.taɪz/

B1 to make something known generally or in public, especially in order to sell it

We advertised our car in the local newspaper. 我们在当地报纸上登了广告出售我们的轿车。
He advertises his services on the company notice board. 他在公司的布告牌上张贴广告来宣传其服务业务。
I'm going to advertise for (= put a notice in the newspaper, local shop, etc., asking for) someone to clean my house. 我打算登广告雇个人来做家庭保洁。
There's no harm in applying for other jobs, but if I were you, I wouldn't advertise the fact (= make it generally known) at work. 去应聘其他的工作没有害处。但如果是我的话,我就不会在上班时张扬这件事。
advertiser noun [ C ] uk /ˈæd.və.taɪ.zər/ us /ˈæd.vɚ.taɪ.zɚ/

While claiming to promote positive images of women, advertisers are in fact doing the very opposite. 尽管广告商声称他们宣扬的是女性形象的积极面,可实际上却是背道而行。

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