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uk /ədˈvaɪz/ us /ədˈvaɪz/

B1 [ I or T ] to give someone advice

[ + to infinitive ] I think I'd advise him to leave the company. 要是我,我会建议他离开这家公司。
His doctor advised him against smoking. 他的医生劝他戒烟。
I'd strongly advise against making a sudden decision. 我会极力奉劝不要草率作出决定。
[ + that ] They're advising that children be kept at home. 他们建议绝对不要让儿童在阳光下暴晒。
[ + -ing verb ] I'd advise waiting until tomorrow. 我建议等到明天再说。
[ + question word ] She advised us when to come. 她给我们出主意,告诉我们该什么时候来。
She advises the president (= gives information and suggests types of action) on African policy. 她是总统的非洲政策顾问。
You would be well advised to (= it would be wise for you to) have the appropriate vaccinations before you go abroad. 明智的做法是,在出国前接种适当的疫苗。
Note: Do not confuse with the noun, advice.

[ T ] formal to give someone official information about something

They were advised of their rights. 他们被告知自己的权利。
[ + that ] Our solicitors have advised that the costs could be enormous. 我们的律师已经告知我们,诉讼费用可能会非常高。

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