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uk /ˈɑːf.tər/ us /ˈæf.tɚ/

A1 following in time, place, or order

Let's go for a walk after breakfast. 我们吃过早饭去散步好吗?
Some people believe in life after death. 一些人相信死后灵魂依然存在。
Her name came after mine on the list. 名单上她的名字排在我后面。
There's a good film on the day after tomorrow. 后天有一部不错的电影。
She waited until well after midnight. 她一直等到后半夜很晚的时候。
US It's a quarter after four. 4点1刻了。
She just keeps on working, day after day, week after week (= continuously). 她日复一日地工作下去。
We've had meeting after meeting (= many meetings) to discuss this point. 我们一次又一次地开会讨论这个问题。
Jessie seemed very small after (= in comparison with) Michael's children. 与迈克尔的孩子们比起来,杰西显得很矮小。
After (= despite) everything I've done for you, is this the way you treat me? 我什么都为你做了,你就这样对待我吗?
After (= because of) what she did to me, I'll never trust her again. 她对我做出这种事情,我再也不会信任她了。
The children have to learn to tidy up after themselves (= after they have made things untidy). 孩子们必须意识到,自己弄乱了东西,就得自己收拾整齐。
She slammed the door after (= behind) her. 她随手砰地关上了门。
We ran after (= followed) him, but he escaped. 我们去追他,但是他逃脱了。
Could you lock up after you (= when you leave), please? 请你离开时锁好门好吗?
be after sb/sth informal

to be looking for someone or something or trying to find or get him, her, or it

The police are after him. 警察正在追捕他。
I'm after a tie to go with this shirt. 我要找一条和这件衬衫相配的领带。
I'm sure she's after my husband. 我敢肯定她在打我丈夫的主意。
He's after Jane's job (= wants it for himself). 他要夺简的饭碗。
after you

used to say politely that someone can go in front of you or serve themselves with food before you

"Can I pour you some coffee?" "Oh no, after you." “我给你倒点咖啡吧?”“噢,不用,你先来吧。”

typical of or similar to the style of

a painting after Titian 一幅模仿提香的画作
a concerto after Mozart 模仿莫扎特风格的协奏曲

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uk /ˈɑːf.tər/ us /ˈæf.tɚ/

A2 later than someone or something else

Hilary got here at midday and Nick arrived soon after. 希拉里中午到了这儿,随后不久尼古拉斯也到了。
I can't go next week - how about the week after (= the following week)? 下星期我去不了,下下星期怎么样?
not standard She got back at 4.30 and went to see Emilie after (= after she got back). 她4点半回来的,随后就去看望埃米莉了。

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uk /ˈɑːf.tər/ us /ˈæf.tɚ/

B1 at a time that is later than another event

Three months after they moved out, the house was still empty. 他们搬出去3个月了,这座房子仍然空着。
Soon/shortly after we set off, the car started to make a strange noise. 我们上了高速公路不久,车子就发出奇怪的噪音。
I went to the post office straight/immediately after I left you. 离开你以后我马上/立刻就去了邮局。

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uk /ɑːf.tər-/ us /æf.tɚ-/

coming after

an after-dinner speech 宴会后的讲话
an after-hours club 深夜营业的夜总会
after-sales service 售后服务

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