Translation of "after" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


preposition uk us /ˈɑːf.tər/ US  /ˈæf.tɚ/

following in time, place or order

Shall we go for a walk after breakfast? 我们吃过早饭去散步好吗?
Some people believe in life after death. 一些人相信死后灵魂依然存在。
Her name came after mine on the list. 名单上她的名字排在我后面。
There's a good film on the day after tomorrow. 后天有一部不错的电影。
She waited until well after midnight. 她一直等到后半夜很晚的时候。
US It's a quarter after four. 4点1刻了。
She just keeps on working, day after day, week after week (= continuously). 她日复一日地工作下去。
We've had meeting after meeting (= many meetings) to discuss this point. 我们一次又一次地开会讨论这个问题。
Jessie seemed very small after (= in comparison with) Michael's children. 与迈克尔的孩子们比起来,杰西显得很矮小。
After (= Despite) everything I've done for you, is this the way you treat me? 我什么都为你做了,你就这样对待我吗?
After (= Because of) what she did to me, I'll never trust her again. 她对我做出这种事情,我再也不会信任她了。
The children have to learn to tidy up after themselves (= after they have made things untidy). 孩子们必须意识到,自己弄乱了东西,就得自己收拾整齐。
She slammed the door after (= behind) her. 她随手砰地关上了门。
We ran after (= followed) him, but he escaped. 我们去追他,但是他逃脱了。
Could you lock up after you (= when you leave), please? 请你离开时锁好门好吗?
be after sb/sth informal

to be looking for someone or something or trying to find or get them

The police are after him. 警察正在追捕他。
I'm after a tie to go with this shirt. 我要找一条和这件衬衫相配的领带。
I'm sure she's after my husband. 我敢肯定她在打我丈夫的主意。
He's after (= wants for himself) Jane's job. 他要夺简的饭碗。
after you

used to politely say that someone can go in front of you or serve themselves with food before you

"Can I pour you some coffee?" "Oh no, after you." “我给你倒点咖啡吧?”“噢,不用,你先来吧。”

UK informal used to ask another person to give you something which they are using when they have finished using it

After you with the newspaper, Jack. 杰克,你看完报纸给我看看。

typical of or similar to the style of

a painting after Titian 一幅模仿提香的画作
a concerto after Mozart 模仿莫扎特风格的协奏曲

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