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uk /eɪdʒ/ us /eɪdʒ/


A1 [ C or U ] the period of time someone has been alive or something has existed

Do you know the age of that building? 你知道那座楼的历史有多久吗?
What age (= how old) is your brother? 你弟弟多大了?
I'd guess she's about my age (= she is about as old as I am). 我猜她和我年龄差不多。
She was 74 years of age when she wrote her first novel. 她写第一部小说时是74岁。
He left home at the age of 16. 他16岁时离开了家。
I was married with four children at your age. 像你这么大的时候我已经结了婚并且有了4个孩子。
She's starting to show/look her age (= to look as old as she is). 她开始看上去与实际年龄一般大。
I'm really beginning to feel my age (= feel old). 我真的开始觉得老了。
His girlfriend's twice his age (= twice as old as he is). 他的女朋友年龄比他大一倍。
act your age!

said to someone to tell them to stop behaving like someone who is much younger

the age of consent

the age at which someone is considered by the law to be old enough to agree to have sex with someone


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age noun (PERIOD)

B1 [ C ] a particular period in time

the Victorian age 维多利亚时代
the modern age 现代
the nuclear age 核时代

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age noun (LONG TIME)

ages B1 [ plural ] informal also mainly UK an age [ S ]

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a very long time

It takes ages to cook. 做饭要花很长时间。
I've been waiting for ages. 我已经等了很长时间。
It's been ages/an age since we last spoke. 我们好长时间没有交谈了。

age noun (BEING OLD)

C2 [ U ] the fact of being or getting older

Her back was bent with age. 随着年事增高,她的背驼了。
This cheese/wine improves with age. 这种干酪/酒放的时间越长越好。
Her temper hasn't improved with age! 她的脾气一点没有随着年龄增长而变好!

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ageverb [ I or T ]

uk /eɪdʒ/ us /eɪdʒ/ present participle UK ageing or US aging, past tense and past participle aged

If someone ages or something ages them, they look older.

She's aged since the last time we met. 她显得比我们上次见面时老了。

to develop in flavour or leave something to do this

The brandy is aged in oak for ten years. 这种白兰地在橡木桶中陈酿了10年。

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uk / -ɪdʒ/ us / -ɪdʒ/

-age suffix (ACTION)

used to form nouns that refer to the action or result of something

blockage 阻塞
shrinkage 收缩
wastage 浪费
All breakages must be paid for. 损毁东西必须赔偿。

-age suffix (STATE)

used to form nouns that refer to a state or condition

bondage 束缚
marriage 婚姻
shortage 短缺

-age suffix (PLACE)

used to form nouns that are names of places

orphanage 孤儿院
vicarage 教区牧师住宅

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