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alightadjective [ after verb ]

uk /əˈlaɪt/ us /əˈlaɪt/

alight adjective [ after verb ] (BURNING)


I had to use a bit of petrol to get the fire alight. 我不得不倒了一点汽油才生着了火。
The rioters overturned several cars and set them alight. 暴徒们掀翻了几辆汽车并将其付之一炬。
He was smoking in bed and his blankets caught alight. 他在床上抽烟,把毯子给点着了。

alight adjective [ after verb ] (SHINING BRIGHTLY)

brightly lit up

The sky was alight with hundreds of fireworks. 无数的烟花把天空照得如同白昼。

literary showing excitement and happiness

Her eyes were alight with mischief. 她的眼神里透着调皮。


uk /əˈlaɪt/ us /əˈlaɪt/ old-fashioned

alight verb (GET OUT OF)

[ I ] formal to get out of a vehicle, especially a train or bus

The suspect alighted from the train at Euston and proceeded to Heathrow. 犯罪嫌疑人在尤斯顿下了火车,接着又赶往希思罗机场。

alight verb (LAND ON)

[ I + adv/prep ] formal to land on something

A butterfly alighted gently on the flower. 一只蝴蝶轻轻落在那朵花上。

[ I + adv/prep ] literary to find or unexpectedly see something

As she glanced round the room her eyes alighted upon a small child. 她环视房间,目光无意间落在一个小孩身上。
I spent an hour in the bookshop before alighting on the perfect present. 我在书店里逛了一个小时才发现这本书——当作礼物真是再合适不过了。

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