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allegiancenoun [ C or U ]

uk /əˈliː.dʒəns/ us /əˈliː.dʒəns/ formal

loyalty and support for a ruler, country, group, or belief

Soldiers have to swear allegiance to the Crown/the King. 士兵必须宣誓效忠国王。
In many American schools, the students pledge allegiance (to the flag) at the beginning of the school day. 在很多美国学校里,学生每天上课前要(向国旗)进行宣誓。
As an Englishman who'd lived for a long time in France, he felt a certain conflict of allegiances when the two countries played soccer. 作为一个在法国生活了很长时间的英国人,当两国足球队比赛时,对于要支持哪一方,他的内心会有一番思想斗争。

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