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uk /əˈlaʊ/ us /əˈlaʊ/

allow verb (GIVE PERMISSION)

B1 [ T ] to give permission for someone to do something, or to not prevent something from happening

[ + to infinitive ] Do you think Dad will allow you to go to Jamie's party? 你认为爸爸会允许你去参加杰米的聚会吗?
You're not allowed to talk during the exam. 考试期间不许交谈。
Her proposals would allow (= make it possible for) more people to stay in full-time education. 她的提议会使更多的人能够继续接受全日制教育。
The loophole has allowed hundreds of drink-drivers to avoid prosecution. 这个法律漏洞使得数以百计的酒后驾车者钻了空子,逃避了追诉。
The government has refused to allow foreign journalists into the area for several weeks. 该政府禁止外国记者进入这个地区已经有好几周了。
Prisoners have been moved to allow the demolition of part of the prison. 犯人已经转移走了,以便拆除监狱的一部分。
Pets aren't allowed in this hotel. 这个旅馆不准许将宠物带入。
[ + -ing verb ] Smoking is not allowed in this restaurant. 这个饭店内不许抽烟。
[ + two objects ] He didn't allow us enough time to finish the test. 他没有给我们留足够的时间完成测验。
Red Cross officials were allowed access to the prison for the first time a few days ago. 几天前,红十字会的官员首次获准进入该监狱。
UK The referee decided to allow (= officially accept) the goal. 裁判判定该进球有效。
At the weekend I allow myself (= I give myself the special pleasure of having) a box of chocolates. 每逢周末我给自己开戒,吃一盒巧克力。
How much time do you allow yourself (= make available to yourself) to get ready in the morning? 早晨你给自己留出多少时间来准备?
allow me old-fashioned

a polite expression used when offering to help in some way

You can't carry all those bags yourself - please, allow me. 那些袋子你自己拎不了——我来帮你吧。

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allow verb (ADMIT)

[ + that ] formal to admit or agree that something is true

She allowed that she might have been too suspicious. 她承认自己可能太多心了。

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