Translation of "always" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adverb uk us /ˈɔːl.weɪz/ US  /ˈɑːl-/

every time, all the time or forever

It's always cold in this room. 这间屋里总是那么冷。
I've always liked him. 我一直都很喜欢他。
I'll always remember you. 我会永远记着你。
[ + -ing verb ] disapproving You're always complaining. 你老是抱怨。
I always thought I'd have children eventually. 我一直认为自己最后会有孩子的。
She always spells my name wrong. 她总是把我的名字拼错。

used with 'can' or 'could' to suggest another possibility

(和 can 或 could 一起使用,表示另外的可能性)不论怎样总还
If you miss this train you can always catch the next one. 如果误了这趟火车,总还可以赶下一趟。

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