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uk /ˈɔːl.weɪz/ us /ˈɑːl.weɪz/

always adverb (EVERY TIME)

A1 every time or all the time

It's always cold in this room. 这间屋里总是那么冷。
She always spells my name wrong. 她总是把我的名字拼错。

More examples

  • I always check (that) I've shut the windows before I leave the house.
  • You should always clean your teeth after meals.
  • My mum always comments on what I'm wearing.
  • We will always remember our dear friends who are no longer with us.
  • She always leaves her clothes lying about on the floor.

always adverb (POSSIBILITY)

B1 used with "can" or "could" to suggest another possibility

(和 can 或 could 一起使用,表示另外的可能性)不论怎样总还
If you miss this train you can always catch the next one. 如果误了这趟火车,总还可以赶下一趟。

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