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amountnoun [ C ]

uk /əˈmaʊnt/ us /əˈmaʊnt/

B1 a collection or mass, especially of something that cannot be counted

They didn't deliver the right amount of sand. 他们运来的沙子数量不对。
Small amounts of land were used for keeping animals. 少量的土地用于饲养动物。
He paid regular amounts of money to a charity. 他定期向一家慈善机构捐一笔钱。
I didn't expect the bill to come to this amount (= of money). 我没有料到账单上的钱数会这么多。
The new tax caused a huge amount of public anger. 新税收引起了强烈公愤。
I had a certain amount of (= some) difficulty finding the house. 我找到这房子费了不少劲。
You wouldn't believe the amount of trouble (= what a lot of trouble) I've had with this car. 你决不会相信这辆汽车给我带来了多少麻烦。

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