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uk /ˈæŋ.ɡri/ us /ˈæŋ.ɡri/

angry adjective (EMOTIONAL)

A2 having a strong feeling against someone who has behaved badly, making you want to shout at them or hurt them

He's really angry at/with me for upsetting Sophie. 因为我惹了索菲,他很生我的气。
I don't understand what he's angry about. 我不明白他为什么生气。
[ + that ] They feel angry that their complaints were ignored. 没人理睬他们的投诉,他们感到非常愤怒。
I got really angry with her. 我很生她的气。
It made me really angry. 这让我很恼火。

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angry adjective (STORMY)

literary An angry sea or sky is one where there is a storm, or where it looks as if there will be a storm soon.


angry adjective (PAINFUL)

If an infected area of the body is angry, it is red and painful.

On her leg was an angry sore. 她腿上长了一个疮,又红又肿。

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