Translation of "animal" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (CREATURE) 生物 uk us /ˈæn.ɪ.məl/

something that lives and moves but is not a human, bird, fish or insect

wild/domestic animals 野生动物/家畜
Both children are real animal lovers. 两个孩子都很喜爱动物。
Surveys show that animal welfare has recently become a major concern for many schoolchildren. 调查表明动物福利近来已成为很多小学生关注的主要问题。

anything that lives and moves, including people, birds, etc.

Humans, insects, reptiles, birds and mammals are all animals. 人、昆虫、爬行动物、鸟类和哺乳动物都是动物。

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