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answernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɑːn.sər/ us /ˈæn.sɚ/

answer noun [ C ] (REACTION)

A1 a reaction to a question, letter, phone call, etc.

The minister promised to give a written answer to the MP's detailed question. 对于议员提出的那个涉及很多细节的问题,部长答应给予书面答复。
We've emailed him asking him if he's free on that date but we haven't had an answer yet. 我们已经去信问他那天是否有空,但还没有收到回信。
I've just called him but there was no answer. 我刚给他打过电话,但没人接。
I didn't realize we had to write each answer on a new sheet of paper. 我没有意识到我们得把每一道题的答案写在另一张纸上。
I got eight correct answers and two wrong ones in last week's exam. 上周考试,我做对了八道题,做错了两道。
In answer to your letter of 30 May, I am writing to accept your offer of £3,575 in compensation. 兹复贵方5月30日来函,今特告我方接受贵方3575英镑赔偿金的提议。

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answer noun [ C ] (SOLUTION)

B1 a solution to a problem

It's a difficult situation and I don't know what the answer is. 这种局面很棘手,我不知道该怎么办。
There's no easy answer to the problem. 要解决这个问题并非易事。

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uk /ˈɑːn.sər/ us /ˈæn.sɚ/

answer verb (REACT)

A1 [ I or T ] to say, write, or do something as a reaction to a question, letter, etc.

I can't answer (you) without more detailed information. 没有更详细的信息,我无法(向你)作出答复。
You haven't answered my question. 你还没有回答我的问题。
I texted asking whether he'd be coming to the party but he hasn't answered yet. 我写信问他是否来参加聚会,但他还没有回复。
[ + speech ] "I'd love to have dinner with you, but I won't be able to get there before nine o'clock," she answered. “我很乐意和你共进晚餐,但我9点之前赶不到那儿,”她答道。
[ + that ] She answered that she wouldn't be able to come before nine o'clock. 她回答说9点之前她来不了。
formal Does anyone here answer to the name of (= is anyone here called) Wallis? 这儿有谁名叫沃利斯吗?

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answer verb (BE SUITABLE FOR)

[ T ] to be suitable for and satisfy someone's needs

He showed me some software that answered my requirements exactly. 他给我看了一些正符合我要求的软件。
I've got some furniture in the attic that I think might answer your needs. 我后院里有少许家具,我想你或许会用得上。

answer verb (MATCH)

[ I or T ] also answer to to match a description

A woman who answers to the suspect's description was seen in the area on the night of the crime. 案发当晚,有人在该地区看到过一个女人,正符合对嫌疑人的描述。

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