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uk /əˈreɪndʒ/ us /əˈreɪndʒ/

arrange verb (PLAN)

B1 [ I or T ] to plan, prepare for, or organize something

I'm trying to arrange my work so that I can have a couple of days off next week. 我正设法把工作安排好,以便下周能够休息一两天。
The meeting has been arranged for Wednesday. 会议已经安排在了周三。
[ + to infinitive ] They arranged to have dinner the following month. 他们约在下个月共进晚餐。
I've already arranged with him to meet at the cinema. 我已和他约好了在电影院见面。
She's arranged for her son to have swimming lessons. 她已经安排她儿子去上游泳课了。
[ + that ] I'd deliberately arranged that they should arrive at the same time. 我特意安排好让他们同时到达。
[ + question word ] We haven't yet arranged when to meet. 我们还没有约好什么时候会面。

More examples

  • My secretary will phone you to arrange a meeting.
  • The company will arrange transport from the airport.
  • I've specially arranged my trip so that I'll be home on Friday evening.
  • We've arranged to stay overnight at my sister's house.
  • They tried to arrange a ceremony with as little fuss as possible.

arrange verb (PUT IN POSITION)

B2 [ T ] to put a group of objects in a particular order

She arranged her birthday cards along the shelf. 她把生日贺卡在架子上摆成一排。
Who arranged these flowers so beautifully? 这花插得真漂亮,谁的手艺?
His books are neatly arranged in alphabetical order. 他的书都按照字母顺序排得整整齐齐。

More examples

  • I'll have to do some thinking about how best to arrange the books.
  • The desks were arranged in rows of ten.
  • I've arranged the pictures of the animals alphabetically from aardvark to zebra.
  • I've arranged the books alphabetically so don't muddle them up.
  • We arranged the chairs in a semicircle.

arrange verb (MUSIC)

[ T ] to make changes to a piece of music so that it can be played in a different way, for example by a particular instrument

Beethoven's fifth symphony has been arranged for the piano. 贝多芬的第五交响乐被改编成了钢琴曲。

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