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arrestverb [ T ]

uk /əˈrest/ us /əˈrest/

arrest verb [ T ] (CATCH)

B1 If the police arrest someone, they take them away to ask them about a crime that they might have committed.

He was arrested when customs officers found drugs in his bag. 因海关人员在他的包中发现了毒品,他被捕了。
The police arrested her for drinking and driving. 她因酒后驾车被警察拘捕。

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arrest verb [ T ] (STOP)

formal to stop or interrupt the development of something

The treatment has so far done little to arrest the spread of the cancer. 这种疗法到目前为止几乎没能抑制癌细胞的扩散。

arrest verb [ T ] (MAKE NOTICE)

formal to attract or catch someone's attention

A photo of a small boy arrested my attention. 一张小男孩的照片引起了我的注意。

arrestnoun [ C or U ]

uk /əˈrest/ us /əˈrest/

B2 the act of arresting someone

Two arrests were made, but the men were later released without charge. 有两人被捕,但后来没有起诉他们就释放了。
She was stopped outside the shop and placed/put under arrest. 她在商店外被截获归案。

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