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uk /ɑːˈtɪs.tɪk/ us /ɑːrˈtɪs.tɪk/

B2 [ before noun ] relating to art

the artistic director of the theatre 剧院美术指导
artistic endeavours 艺术探索
a work of artistic merit 有艺术价值的作品

B2 able to create or enjoy art

His friends are all artistic - they're painters, musicians, and writers. 他的朋友们都很有艺术造诣——他们尽是些画家、音乐家和作家。

skilfully and attractively made

That's a very artistic flower arrangement you have there. 你那篮插花太精美了!

More examples

  • an entertaining film with little artistic merit
  • We're trying to bring out the latent artistic talents that many people possess without realizing it.
  • His artistic talents were wasted in his boring job.
  • People born under the star sign Pisces are supposed to be dreamy and artistic.
  • The new theatre company director is a person of great artistic vision.

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