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uk /ɑːsk/ us /æsk/

ask verb (QUESTION)

B1 [ I or T ] to put a question to someone, or to request an answer from someone

[ + two objects ] She asked me a question. 她问了我一个问题。
She asked a question about Welsh history. 她问了一个有关威尔士历史的问题。
She asked me about Welsh history. 她问我有关威尔士历史的问题。
She asked about Welsh history. 她问了有关威尔士历史的问题。
[ + question word ] I've no idea what time the train leaves. Ask the guard whether he knows. 我不知道火车什么时候开,问问列车长是否知道。
I asked the guard the time of the train's departure. 我问了问列车长火车的离站时间。
I asked when the train would leave. 我问了问火车什么时候开。
[ + speech ] "What time does the train leave?" I asked. “火车什么时候开?”我问道。

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ask verb (INVITE)

A2 [ T ] to request or invite someone to go somewhere with you or to come to your home

UK I've asked David to the party. 我已经邀请了戴维参加聚会。
[ + to infinitive ] US I've asked David to come to the party. 我已经邀请了戴维来参加聚会。
"Are you going to Muriel's party?" "No, I haven't been asked." “你去参加缪里尔的聚会吗?”“不,我没有接到邀请。”
Jorge has asked us over for dinner next Friday. 伊恩邀请我们下星期五共进晚餐。
UK Ian's asked us round to/for dinner next Friday. 伊恩请我们下周五去吃晚饭。
In fact they've asked us to stay for the whole weekend. 实际上他们请我们过去呆上整个周末。

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ask verb (EXPECT)

[ T ] to expect or demand something

Greg's asking (= expecting to be paid) £250,000 for his house. 格雷格的房子要价25万英镑。
He asks too much of me - I can't always be there to help him. 他对我的要求太过分了——我不能总在那里帮他吧。
It's asking a lot when your boss wants you to work weekends as well as evenings. 如果你的老板想让你晚上加班,周末也工作,那就太过分了。

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