Translation of "assembly" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (MEETING) 集会 uk us /əˈsem.bli/

[ C ] a group of people, especially one that meets regularly for a particular purpose, such as government, or more generally, the process of coming together, or the state of being together

the United Nations General Assembly 联合国大会
She has been tipped as a future member of the Welsh Assembly. 大家预测她将会成为威尔士议会议员。
Assembly US

one of the two parts of the government that makes laws in many US States

the New York Assembly 纽约州众议院
The Senate and the Assembly put aside political differences to pass the aid package. 州参众两院搁置了政治分歧,以通过有关援助的一揽子计划。

[ C or U ] a meeting in a school of several classes for a group activity such as singing, a theatrical performance or a film

All pupils are expected to attend school assembly. 所有学生都要参加校会。
There's a religious assembly every morning. 学校每天早晨都举行宗教晨会。

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