Translation of "asset" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /ˈæ /-ɪt/

[ C ] a useful or valuable quality, skill or person

He'll be a great asset to the team. 他将会成为球队的得力干将。
Her eyes are her best asset (= most attractive feature). 她的眼睛是她最迷人的地方。
Knowledge of languages is a real asset in this sort of work. 做这项工作,通晓数种语言确实是一种优势。

[ C usually plural ] something valuable belonging to a person or organization which can be used for the payment of debts

A company's assets can consist of cash, investments, buildings, machinery, specialist knowledge or copyright material such as music or computer software. 一个公司的资产可包括现金、投资、房屋、机器设备、专业技术以及诸如音乐、计算机软件之类的版权物。
liquid assets (= money or things which can easily be changed into money) 流动资产
→ Compare liabilities (liability) ,at liability

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