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assumeverb [ T ]

uk /əˈsjuːm/ us /əˈsuːm/

assume verb [ T ] (ACCEPT)

B2 to accept something to be true without question or proof

[ + (that) ] I assumed (that) you knew each other because you went to the same school. 你们不是上的同一所学校嘛?我还以为你们两个认识呢。
Let's assume (that) they're coming and make plans on that basis. 我们还是假定他们会来,并以此来作出计划。
[ + to infinitive ] We can't assume the suspects to be guilty simply because they've decided to remain silent. 我们不能仅仅因为疑犯选择保持沉默就断定他们有罪。
We mustn't assume the suspects' guilt. 我们千万不能臆断犯罪嫌疑人有罪。

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assume verb [ T ] (PRETEND TO HAVE)

to pretend to have a different name or be someone you are not, or to express a feeling falsely

Moving to a different town, he assumed a false name. 搬家到了另外一个城镇后,他用了个假名字。
During the investigation, two detectives assumed the identities of antiques dealers. 在案件调查中,两名侦探假装成古董商。
He assumed a look of indifference but I knew how he felt. 他装出一副无所谓的样子,但我明白他的内心感受。

assume verb [ T ] (TAKE CONTROL)

C2 to take or begin to have responsibility or control, sometimes without the right to do so, or to begin to have a characteristic

承担,担任;僭取 夺取;呈现,具有
The new president assumes office at midnight tonight. 新总统在今晚午夜就职。
The terrorists assumed control of the plane and forced it to land in the desert. 恐怖分子控制了飞机,并使其迫降在沙漠中。
The issue has assumed considerable political proportions (= has become a big political problem). 这已经成为一个很大的政治问题。

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