Translation of "assume" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (ACCEPT) 认可 uk us /əˈsjuːm/ US  /-ˈsuːm/

to accept something to be true without question or proof

[ + (that) ] I assumed (that) you knew each other because you went to the same school. 你们不是上的同一所学校嘛?我还以为你们两个认识呢。
Let's assume (that) they're coming and make plans on that basis. 我们还是假定他们会来,并以此来作出计划。
[ + to infinitive ] We can't assume the suspects to be guilty simply because they've decided to remain silent. 我们不能仅仅因为疑犯选择保持沉默就断定他们有罪。
We mustn't assume the suspects' guilt. 我们千万不能臆断犯罪嫌疑人有罪。

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