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uk /əˈtæk/ us /əˈtæk/

attack verb (HURT)

B1 [ I or T ] to try to hurt or defeat using violence

He was attacked and seriously injured by a gang of youths. 他被一帮年轻人打成重伤。
Army forces have been attacking the town since dawn. 从拂晓开始,军队就对这个城市展开了进攻。
Most wild animals won't attack unless they are provoked. 大多数野生动物若非被激怒,是不会主动攻击的。

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attack verb (CRITICIZE)

C1 [ T ] to criticize someone strongly

She wrote an article attacking the judges and their conduct of the trial. 她写了一篇文章抨击法官以及他们的审案方式。
The report attacks the idea of exams for seven and eight-year-olds. 这篇报道抨击了对七八岁的孩子进行考试的计划。

attack verb (DAMAGE)

C2 [ T ] If something, such as a disease or a chemical, attacks something, it damages it.

AIDS attacks the body's immune system. 艾滋病破坏人体的免疫系统。
My rose bushes are being attacked by aphids. 我的蔷薇花丛正在遭受蚜虫的侵害。

attack verb (SPORT)

[ I or T ] If players in a team attack, they move forward to try to score points, goals, etc.


attack verb (DEAL WITH)

[ T ] to deal with something quickly and in an effective way

We have to attack these problems now and find some solutions. 我们必须现在就处理这些问题并拿出解决方案。
The children rushed in and eagerly attacked the food (= quickly started to eat it). 孩子们冲进屋里狼吞虎咽地大吃起来。


uk /əˈtæk/ us /əˈtæk/

attack noun (VIOLENT ACT)

B1 [ C or U ] a violent act intended to hurt or damage someone or something

a racist attack 种族主义袭击
Enemy forces have made an attack on the city. 敌军已经对这座城市发起了进攻。
These bomb blasts suggest that the terrorists are (going) on the attack (= trying to defeat or hurt other people) again. 这些爆炸事件表明,恐怖主义分子又发起了进攻。
The town was once again under attack (= being attacked). 这座城市再次遭受攻击。

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attack noun (CRITICISM)

C2 [ C or U ] a strong criticism of someone or something

a scathing attack on the president 对总统的严厉抨击
The government has come under attack from all sides for cutting education spending. 政府因为削减教育开支而受到各方面的强烈批评。

attack noun (ILLNESS)

[ C ] a sudden and short period of illness

an attack of asthma/flu/malaria 哮喘/流感/疟疾的突然发作
figurative an attack of the giggles 突然一阵咯咯傻笑

attack noun (SPORT)

B1 [ C or U ] the part of a team in some sports that tries to score points

The team has a strong attack, but its defence is weak. 这支球队攻击力强大,但防守很薄弱。
The team is strong inattack but useless in defence. 这支球队攻势凶猛,但防守不堪一击。

[ U ] determination in the way you play a sport, trying hard to score points

The team needs to put some more attack into its game. 这支球队在比赛中需要加强攻势。

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