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attentionnoun [ U ]

uk /əˈten.ʃən/ us /əˈten.ʃən/

attention noun [ U ] (NOTICE)

B1 notice, thought, or interest

Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention, please? 女士们、先生们,请安静。
They're organizing a campaign to draw people's attention to the environmentally harmful effects of using their cars. 他们正在组织一场运动,目的是使人们意识到开车对环境造成的危害。
Wait a moment and I'll give you my full/undivided attention (= I'll listen to and think about only you). 等一下,过一会儿我就可以全神贯注听你说了。
After an hour, my attention started to wander (= I stopped taking notice). 一小时后,我开始走神儿了。
get/attract/catch sb's attention

B2 to make someone notice you

I knocked on the window to get her attention. 我敲了敲窗,以使她注意到我。
pay attention (to sth/sb)

B1 to watch, listen to, or think about something or someone carefully or with interest

If you don't pay attention now, you'll get it all wrong later. 如果你现在不注意听,后面就会错得一塌糊涂。
Don't pay any attention to Nina - she doesn't know what she's talking about. 别理睬尼娜——她都不知道自己在说什么。
He wasn't paying attention to the safety instructions. 他没有注意安全指示。
the centre of attention

the thing or person that a lot of people notice

He likes telling jokes and being the centre of attention at parties. 他喜欢讲笑话,成为派对上的焦点。
turn your attention(s) to sth/sb

to start to think about or consider a particular thing or person

Many countries are starting to turn their attention to new forms of energy. 许多国家现在已开始把注意力转到新型能源上来。

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attention noun [ U ] (CARE)

special care or treatment

The paintwork will need a little attention. 油漆活需要特别下些功夫。
If symptoms persist, seek medical attention. 如果症状不减轻,请马上就医。

attention noun [ U ] (WAY OF STANDING)

(especially in the armed forces) a way of standing, with the feet together, arms by your sides, head up, and shoulders back, and not moving

soldiers standing at/to attention 立正站立的士兵

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