Translation of "attractive" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /əˈtræk.tɪv/

very pleasing in appearance or sound, or causing interest or pleasure

a very attractive young woman 妩媚动人的年轻女子
I find him very attractive (= He attracts me sexually). 他让我心醉神迷。
attractive countryside 景色迷人的乡村
an attractive colour scheme 悦目的色彩布局
Spending 12 hours on a plane isn't a very attractive (= pleasant) prospect. 连坐12个小时的飞机,可不是什么令人向往的事。
an attractive offer (= an offer with benefits for me) 令人心动的提议
We need to make the club attractive to a wider range of people. 我们得让这个俱乐部吸引更广的人群。
attractively uk us /əˈtræk.tɪ adverb

She always dresses very attractively. 她总是穿得妩媚动人。
Their house is attractively decorated. 他们的房子装饰得很漂亮。
attractiveness uk us /əˈtræk.tɪv.nəs/ noun [ U ]

her attractiveness to men 她对男人的吸引力
High mortgage rates have decreased the attractiveness of house-owning. 高按揭利率使得拥有自己房子的想法变得不那么具有吸引力了。

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