Translation of "awkward" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (EMBARRASSING) 令人尴尬的 uk us /ˈɔː.kwəd/ US  /ˈɑː.kwɚd/

causing problems, worry or embarrassment

an awkward position/situation 令人尴尬的位置/局面
There followed an awkward silence while we all tried to think of something to say. 然后是一段令人尴尬的沉默,我们都绞尽脑汁地想说点儿什么。
They'd chosen an awkward time to call as I'd just got into the bath. 他们偏偏在我刚开始洗澡的时候来电话,真不是时候。
The police asked some awkward questions about where the money had come from. 警方围绕钱的来源问了一些让人很难作答的问题。

embarrassed or nervous

I always feel awkward when I'm with Chris - he's so difficult to talk to. 我跟克里斯在一起总感到别扭——与他这人交谈太费劲儿。
He seemed a little awkward when I first met him. 我第一次见他的时候,他有点儿放不开。
awkwardness uk us /ˈɔː.kwəd.nəs/ US  /ˈɑː.kwɚd-/ noun [ U ]

In spite of the divorce there was no awkwardness between them - in fact they seemed very much at ease. 尽管离婚了,他们之间也没什么别扭的——实际上他们似乎还非常自在。

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