Translation of "axe" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (US also ax) uk us /æks/

a tool used for cutting wood and which consists of a heavy iron or steel blade at the end of a long wooden handle

Julian used an axe to chop down the old apple tree. 朱利安用斧子砍倒了那棵老苹果树。
the axe UK (US also the ax)

when someone loses their job

Over 500 staff are facing the axe at the Nottingham factory. 在诺丁汉的工厂,500多位员工面临被解雇的命运。
get the axe UK

When a service or plan gets the axe, it is stopped or prevented from happening

Religious programmes will be the first to get the axe if she's put in charge of the station. 如果她负责电台工作,宗教节目将首先被砍掉。

(Translation of “axe noun” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Simplified) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)