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uk /ˈbæl.əns/ us /ˈbæl.əns/

balance noun (EQUAL STATE)

B2 [ S or U ] a state where things are of equal weight or force

The toddler wobbled and lost his balance (= started to fall sideways). 那个刚学步的小孩摇摇晃晃,几下就失去了平衡。
She had to hold onto the railings to keep her balance (= to stop herself from falling). 她得扶住围栏才能保持平衡。
New tax measures are designed to redress the balance (= make the situation more equal) between rich and poor. 新的税收措施旨在通过再次分配使贫富差距趋于合理。
We must strike a balance between reckless spending and penny-pinching (= try to have something between these two things). 我们必须花费有度,既不能肆意挥霍,也不要一毛不拔。

[ U ] The balance on a piece of electronic equipment for playing music is the particular mixture of different sounds, or the device that controls this.

on balance

B2 after thinking about all the different facts or opinions

I would say that, on balance, it hasn't been a bad year. 总的说来,我觉得今年还不错。

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balance noun (WEIGHING MACHINE)

[ C ] US also balance scale a device used for weighing things, consisting of two dishes hanging on a bar that shows when the contents of both dishes weigh the same


balance noun (MONEY)

B2 [ C usually singular ] the amount of money you have in a bank account, or the amount of something that you have left after you have spent or used up the rest

Once we know how much money we'll need, let's spend the balance (= the amount left). 一旦知道了我们将需要多少钱,就把结余的钱花掉吧。
The company's success is reflected in its healthy bank balance. 该公司良好的银行结存情况反映出了它的成功。



uk /ˈbæl.əns/ us /ˈbæl.əns/

B2 [ I or T ] to be in a position where you will stand without falling to either side, or to put something in this position

The flamingos balanced gracefully on one leg. 火烈鸟金鸡独立,优雅地保持着平衡。
She balanced a huge pot effortlessly on her head and walked down to the river. 她稳稳地顶着一个大陶罐轻松地向河边走去。

B2 [ T ] to give several things equal amounts of importance, time, or money so that a situation is successful

I struggle to balance work and family commitments. 我努力在工作和家庭责任之间寻求平衡。

[ T ] to arrange a system that relates to money so that the amount of money spent is not more than the amount received

Stringent measures were introduced so that the government could balance its budget/the economy. 政府采取了紧缩银根的政策,以期能平衡预算/使经济保持平衡。
balance the books

to make certain that the amount of money spent is not more than the amount of money received

If the business loses any more money, we won't be able to balance the books this year. 如果企业继续亏损,我们今年将难以达到收支平衡。

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