Translation of "balance" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (EQUAL) 相等 uk us /ˈbæl.ənts/

[ S or U ] a state where things are of equal weight or force; equilibrium

The toddler wobbled and lost his balance (= started to fall sideways). 那个刚学步的小孩摇摇晃晃,几下就失去了平衡。
She had to hold onto the railings to keep her balance (= to stop herself from falling). 她得扶住围栏才能保持平衡。
New tax measures are designed to redress the balance (= make the situation more equal) between rich and poor. 新的税收措施旨在通过再次分配使贫富差距趋于合理。
We must strike a balance between reckless spending and penny-pinching (= try to have something between these two things). 我们必须花费有度,既不能肆意挥霍,也不要一毛不拔。

[ U ] The balance on a piece of electronic equipment for playing music is the particular mixture of different sounds, or the device which controls this.

on balance

after thinking about all the different facts or opinions

I would say that, on balance, it hasn't been a bad year. 总的说来,我觉得今年还不错。

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