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uk /bæŋ/ us /bæŋ/

bang verb (NOISE)

B2 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) make a sudden very loud noise or noises

She banged her fist angrily on the table. 她气愤地一拳打在桌子上。
Outside a door was banging in the wind. 外面一扇门被风吹得哐当作响。
He could hear someone banging at the door. 他能听见有人在砰砰敲门。
I could hear her in the kitchen banging about (= doing things noisily). 我能听见她在厨房里弄得当啷乱响。

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bang verb (HIT)

[ T ] to hit a part of the body against something by accident

I banged my head against/on the shelf as I stood up. 我起身时头撞在了架子上。

bang verb (SEX)

[ T ] offensive to have sex with someone


Phrasal verb(s)

bangnoun [ C ]

uk /bæŋ/ us /bæŋ/

bang noun [ C ] (NOISE)

B2 a sudden very loud noise

The window slammed shut with a loud bang. 窗户砰的一声关上了。

bang noun [ C ] (HIT)

an act of hitting someone or something

I think she must have got a bang on the head. 我想她肯定撞了头。


uk /bæŋ/ us /bæŋ/

used to suggest the sound of a sudden loud noise, such as a gunshot or an explosion

"Bang! Bang! You're dead!" said the child, pointing a plastic gun at me. “砰!砰!你被打死了!”小孩用塑料枪指着我说。
go bang

to make a sudden loud noise

The balloon went bang when it landed on the bush. 气球落在灌木丛中时发出砰的一声。



uk /bæŋ/ us /bæŋ/ informal

exactly or directly

The car came to a halt bang in the middle of the road. 那辆汽车正好停在了路中央。
I live bang opposite the supermarket. 我正好住在电影院对面。
I turned the corner and walked slap bang into him. 我拐过街角,正好与他撞了个满怀。
software that is bang (= completely) up to date 最新的软件


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