Translation of "bath" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /bɑːθ/ US  /bæθ/

[ C ] UK (US bathtub) a long plastic, metal or ceramic container which is filled with water so that a person can sit or lie in it to wash their whole body


[ C usually singular ] the activity of washing yourself or someone else in a bath

mainly UK Susannah has a long hot bath every evening. 苏珊娜每天晚上都要美美地泡个热水澡。
mainly US I took a bath this morning. 我今天早上洗了个澡。
bath oil 沐浴油
run a bath UK (US fill the tub)

to fill a bath with water for washing

I'll run you a bath while you take off those wet clothes. 你把湿衣服脱了,我帮你给浴缸放水。

[ C ] US used to refer to a bathroom when describing a home

a four-bedroom two-bath house 有4间卧室和2间浴室的房子

[ C ] UK a health treatment

mud/thermal baths 泥浴/温泉浴

[ C ] UK any container holding liquid

a bird bath 鸟澡盆

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