Translation of "beat" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (DEFEAT) 打败 uk us /biːt/ (beat, beaten or US ALSO beat)

[ T ] to defeat or do better than

Simon always beats me at tennis. 西蒙打网球总是赢我。
Holland beat Belgium (by) 3-1. 荷兰队3比1战胜比利时队。
Our team was comfortably/easily/soundly beaten in the first round of the competition. 在第一轮比赛中我们队被对手轻松地/毫不费劲儿地/彻底打败了。
The nationalists were narrowly beaten in the local election. 民族主义者在地方选举中以微弱劣势落败。
He beat me fair and square (= without cheating). 他光明磊落地击败了我。
They were beaten hands down (= completely) by their opponents. 他们被对手彻底打败了。
She has beaten her own record of three minutes ten seconds. 她打破了自己创造的3分10秒的纪录。
US He beat out all the top competitors in his sport. 他击败了该项目中所有的顶尖运动员。

informal to be more enjoyable than another activity or experience

[ + -ing verb ] Taking the bus sure beats walking. 坐公共汽车当然比走路好。
slang Taking the bus beats the hell out of (= is much better than) walking all the way there. 坐公共汽车比一路走到那儿要好得多。
You can't beat (= there is nothing more enjoyable than) a cold beer on a hot afternoon. 在炎热的下午,没有什么比喝上一杯冰镇啤酒更爽的了。

[ T ] To beat something that is going to happen is to take action before the thing happens

Let's try to beat the traffic problems by leaving early in the morning. 我们争取早上早点出发以避免交通拥堵。
I always do my shopping early to beat the rush. 我总是很早就去购物以避开交通高峰时段。
beat sb to it

to do something before someone else does it

I was just going to tidy up the kitchen, but you've beaten me to it. 我刚准备打扫厨房,你已经抢先做完了。

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