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uk /ˈbek.ən/ us /ˈbek.ən/

[ I or T ] to move your hand or head in a way that tells someone to come nearer

The customs official beckoned the woman to his counter. 海关官员示意那个妇女到他桌前来。
"Hey you!" she called, beckoning me over with her finger. “嘿,叫你呢!”她喊道,并用手指示意我过去。
He beckoned to me, as if he wanted to speak to me. 他给我打手势,好像是要跟我说什么。

[ I ] If something beckons, it attracts people.

For many young people, the bright lights of the city beckon, though a lot of them end up sleeping on the streets. 尽管其中许多人最终落得露宿街头,但伦敦璀璨的灯火仍旧吸引了许多年轻人。

[ I ] If an event or achievement beckons, it is likely to happen.

She's an excellent student, for whom a wonderful future beckons. 她是个优秀的学生,美妙的前程在向她召唤。

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