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beliefnoun [ C or S or U ]

uk /bɪˈliːf/ us /bɪˈliːf/

B2 the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true

His belief in God gave him hope during difficult times. 他对上帝的信奉使他在困境中看到了希望。
Recent scandals have shaken many people's belief in (= caused people to have doubts about) politicians. 不久前腐败事件的曝光动摇了许多人对警方的信任。

B2 something that you believe

All religious and political beliefs should be respected equally. 对所有非暴力的宗教和政治信仰应予以同等尊重。
[ + that ] It is my (firm) belief that nuclear weapons are immoral. 我(坚定)相信使用核武器是不道德的。
He called at her house in the belief that (= confident that) she would lend him the money. 他相信她会借钱给他,所以登她家的门。
beyond belief

C2 too bad, good, difficult, etc. to be imagined

The brutality of the murders was beyond belief. 凶手的残忍令人难以置信。

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