Translation of "bid" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (OFFER) 出价 uk us /bɪd/

an offer of a particular amount of money for something which is for sale

I made a bid of $150 for the painting. 我出价150美元买这幅画。
She made/put in a bid of £69 000 for the flat, which was accepted. 她为这套公寓出价69000英镑并以该出价达成了交易。

an offer to do something when you are competing with other people to do it

[ + to infinitive ] Sydney made a successful bid to host the Olympic Games. 悉尼申办奥运会取得成功。
I gave the job to the contractors who made/gave the lowest bid (= who offered to do the work for the lowest amount of money). 我将这项工程给了投标出价最低的承包商。

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