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bitnoun [ C ]

uk /bɪt/ us /bɪt/

bit noun [ C ] (AMOUNT)

A2 informal a small piece or amount of something

Would you like a bit of chocolate? 你想来点儿巧克力吗?
The glass smashed into little bits. 玻璃杯摔成了小碎片。
There were bits of paper all over the floor. 地板上到处都是碎纸片。
She tries to do a bit of exercise every day. 她试着每天都锻炼一下。
I don't understand this bit.
a bit informal

B2 a short distance or period of time

I'm just going out for a bit. See you later. 我正要出去一小会儿,回头见。
Can you move up a bit?
a bit of sth

C1 a slight but not serious amount or type of something

Maria's put on a bit of weight, hasn't she? 玛丽亚长胖了一点儿,对吧?
It's a bit of a nuisance. 真让人有点儿烦。
a bit...

A2 slightly

The dress is a bit too big for me. 这件衣服我穿有点儿大。
That was a bit silly, wasn't it? 那有点儿蠢,对吗?
I'm a bit nervous. 我有点儿紧张。
I was hoping there'd be some food - I'm a bit hungry. 我希望能有些吃的——我有点儿饿了。
Would you like a bit more cake? 你想再来点儿蛋糕吗?
It's a bit like a Swiss chalet. 它有点儿像瑞士木造农舍。

UK very

Blimey, it's a bit cold! 哎呀,天很冷呀!
And she didn't invite him? That was a bit mean! 她没有邀请他吗?这太不像话了!
bit by bit

C1 gradually

I saved up the money bit by bit. 这钱是我一点一点积攒下来的。
not a bit

not in any way

She wasn't a bit worried about the test. 她丝毫不担心考试。
"Are you getting tired?" "Not a bit." “你累了吗?”“一点也不累。”
quite a bit

B1 a lot

They have quite a bit of money. 她已经很有钱了。
to bits

into small pieces

The car was blown to bits. 汽车被炸成碎片。
It just fell to bits in my hands. 它在我手上已变成碎片。

More examples

bit noun [ C ] (HORSE)

a piece of metal put in a horse's mouth to allow the person riding it to control its movements


bit noun [ C ] (COMPUTER)

specialized computing a unit of information in a computer that must be either 0 or 1

a 32-bit computer (= a computer that processes 32 bits of information at a time) 32位的计算机

bit noun [ C ] (COIN)

UK, old use a coin representing a small amount of money

a threepenny/sixpenny bit 3便士/6便士硬币

bit noun [ C ] (TOOL)

the part of a tool used for cutting or drilling (= making holes)



uk /bɪt/ us /bɪt/

past simple of bite


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