Translation of "blindfold" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /ˈblaɪnd.fəʊld/ us /ˈblaɪnd.foʊld/

a strip of cloth that covers someone's eyes and stops them from seeing

verb [ T ] uk /ˈblaɪnd.fəʊld/ us /ˈblaɪnd.foʊld/

to cover someone's eyes with a blindfold

She was blindfolded and taken somewhere in the back of a van. 她被蒙上眼睛,坐在货车后面被拉到了什么地方。
blindfold adverb uk us UK US blindfolded

humorous I've been there so often I could probably drive there blindfold. 我经常去那儿,几乎蒙上眼睛开车都能到。

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