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noun uk /bɔːd/ us /bɔːrd/

B2 [ C ] a thin, flat piece of cut wood or other hard material, often used for a particular purpose

Cut the vegetables on a chopping (US cutting) board. 在切菜板上切菜。
There was a "For Sale" board outside the house. 房子外有一块“待售”牌。
→ See also breadboard , soundboard

A2 [ C ] a flat piece of wood or other hard material with a special pattern on it, used for playing games

a chess board 国际象棋棋盘

A1 [ C ] a blackboard or whiteboard

The teacher wrote her name up on the board. 老师在黑板上写下了她的名字。

A2 [ C ] a noticeboard

I stuck the notice (up) on the board. 我把通知贴在了公告牌上。

[ C ] a diving board

I dived off the top board today, Dad. 爸爸,我今天是从最高的跳板跳水的。
the boards [ plural ]

the wooden fence surrounding the ice surface in ice hockey


old-fashioned the stage in a theatre


C1 [ C usually singular, + sing/pl verb ] the group of people who are responsible for controlling and organizing a company or organization

Every decision has to be approved by the board (of directors). 每项决定都必须由董事会通过。
She started in the firm after college and now she's on the board/a board member. 她最初在公司端茶送水,而现在已经是董事会成员了。
UK The board of governors meet/meets once a month to discuss school policy. 学校董事会每月集会一次讨论学校政策。
boards [ plural ] US informal

an official examination given by some medical and business organizations in the US

This is my last chance to pass the boards. 这是我最后一次通过执业考试的机会了。
on board

B1 on a boat, train, or aircraft

As soon as I was on board, I began to have second thoughts about leaving. 我一上车就开始动摇要不要走了。

B2 [ U ] meals provided when you are staying somewhere, usually for money

verb uk /bɔːd/ us /bɔːrd/

B1 [ I or T ] to get onto or allow people to get onto a boat, train, or aircraft

At London airport she boarded a plane to Australia. 在伦敦机场她登上了去澳大利亚的飞机。
Will passengers waiting to board please go to the ticket counter? 请各位候机的旅客去检票口。

[ I ] to pay to sleep and eat meals in someone's house

During his stay in England he boarded with a family in Bath. 他在英格兰逗留期间寄宿在巴斯的一户人家。

[ I ] to sleep and eat at school during the school term

When you went to school were you a day student or did you board? 你上学时是走读还是寄宿?

[ T ] UK to arrange for a pet animal to be temporarily taken care of at a place other than its home

He boards the dog out when he goes on business trips. 他出差时把狗寄养在别处。

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