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uk /ˈbɒd.i/ us /ˈbɑː.di/


A1 [ C ] the whole physical structure that forms a person or animal

A good diet and plenty of exercise will help you to keep your body healthy. 良好的饮食和充足的锻炼将有助于保持身体健康。
She rubbed suncream over her entire body. 她全身都擦了防晒霜。

B1 [ C ] the main part of a person's or animal's body, without the head, or without the head, arms, and legs

He had a fat body but thin legs and arms. 他身上很胖,但腿和胳膊却很瘦。

A2 [ C ] a dead person

A body was washed up on the beach last week. 上周有具尸体被冲上了海滩。

[ C ] the painted metal shell of a vehicle, such as a car or an aircraft

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[ C usually singular ] old-fashioned a person

How is a body supposed to live in these conditions? 人怎么可能住在这种环境里呢?

[ C ] UK US bodysuit a piece of tight-fitting women's clothing that covers the top half of the body and fastens between the legs


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body noun (GROUP OF PEOPLE)

C2 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] a group of people who have joined together for a particular reason

a governing body 管理机构
an advisory body 顾问团
The RSPCA is a respected body working for animal welfare. 皇家防止虐待动物协会是一个致力于维护动物福利的受人尊重的团体。
There is a large body of people who are unaware of their basic rights. 有很大一部分人没有意识到自己的基本权利。
Chatsworth High School’s student body raised $5,000 for the charity.
in a body formal

If people do something in a body, they do it together as a group, in an official way.

The cleaning staff went in a body to the manager to complain. 清洁工一起去找经理投诉。

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body noun (AMOUNT)

[ C ] a large amount of something

There is a growing body of evidence to support their claim. 有越来越多的证据支持他们的说法。
She collected a huge body of information on the subject. 她收集了大量有关这个主题的信息。
A substantial body of opinion (= a large group of people with the same opinion) is opposed to any change. 很多人反对作任何变动。

[ C ] formal A body of water is a large area of water, such as a lake.


body noun (MAIN PART)

the body [ S ]

the main part of a book, article, etc.

I thought the most interesting details in the book were not in the body of the text, but in the notes at the end. 我认为本书最有趣的部分不在正文中,而在书后的注释中。

the main part of a large building

to enter the body of the cathedral 进入大教堂的主体部分

body noun (OBJECT)

[ C ] specialized physics a separate object or mass

The distance between the two bodies in space was measured daily. 每天都测量这两个天体在太空中的距离。

body noun (QUALITY)

[ U ] a strong or thick quality

This Bordeaux has plenty of body (= strong flavour). 这种波尔多葡萄酒有股花香,味道浓郁香醇。
Conditioner can give your hair more body. 护发素能使你的头发更浓密。

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