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booverb [ I or T ]

uk /buː/ us /buː/ present participle booing, past tense and past participle booed

to make an expression of strong disapproval or disagreement

People at the back started booing loudly. 后面的人开始大声喝倒彩。
Her singing was so bad that she was booed off the stage. 她唱得太糟了,被轰下了台。

boonoun [ C ]

uk /buː/ us /buː/ plural boos

the act of booing



uk /buː/ us /buː/

an expression, usually shouted, used to surprise and frighten someone who does not know you are near them

She jumped out of the cupboard and shouted "Boo!" 她从衣橱中跳出来大喊了一声“呔!”

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