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uk /buːt/ us /buːt/

boot noun (SHOE)

A1 [ C ] a type of shoe that covers the whole foot and the lower part of the leg

walking boots 轻便靴
riding boots 马靴

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boot noun (CAR)

B1 [ C ] UK US trunk a covered space at the back of a car, for storing things in

I always keep a blanket and a toolkit in the boot for emergencies. 我总是在汽车后备箱里放一条毯子和一个工具箱以备急用。
Stolen goods were found in the boot of her car.

boot noun (END)

the boot [ S ] informal

the situation in which your job is taken away from you, usually because you have done something wrong or badly

She got the boot for stealing money from the cash register. 她因为从收银机里偷钱而被解雇了。
Williams has been given the boot from the team. 威廉斯已经被开除出队了。

boot noun (KICK)

[ C ] UK informal a kick with the foot

He gave the ball a good boot. 他猛地踢了球一脚。

boot noun (WHEEL)

[ C ] US also Denver boot, UK wheel clamp a metal device attached to the wheel of an illegally parked car that will only be removed when the owner pays an amount of money



uk /buːt/ us /buːt/

boot verb (KICK)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] informal to kick someone or something hard with the foot

They booted him in the head. 他们猛踢他的头部。

boot verb (COMPUTER)

[ I or T ] also boot up When a computer boots (up), it becomes ready for use by getting the necessary information into its memory, and when you boot (up) a computer, you cause it to do this.


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