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uk /bɒp/ us /bɑːp/ -pp-

bop verb (DANCE)

[ I ] informal to dance to pop music

They were all bopping to the music. 他们都在随着流行音乐翩翩起舞。

bop verb (HIT)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] humorous to hit someone or something, especially in a friendly way

to bop someone on the head 敲打某人的头部


uk /bɒp/ us /bɑːp/

bop noun (MUSIC)

[ U ] also bebop a type of jazz music first played by small groups in the 1940s


bop noun (DANCE)

[ C usually singular ] mainly UK a dance to pop music

There are a couple of decent clubs where you can go for a bop. 有几家还不错的夜总会可以去跳舞。
adjective uk /ˈbɒp.i/ us /ˈbɑː.pi/ informal

Boppy music is good for dancing to.


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