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uk /bɔːr/ us /bɔːr/

bore verb (FAIL TO INTEREST)

[ T ] to talk or act in a way that makes someone lose interest

"Am I boring you?" she asked anxiously. “我让你厌烦了吗?”她焦急地问道。
bore sb silly

to make someone feel very bored

We were all bored silly by the play. 这出戏让我们觉得无聊得要死。

More examples

  • I was so bored that I slept through the second half of the film.
  • I enjoyed my course at first, but after a time I got bored with it.
  • He sensed (that) his guests were bored, although they were listening politely.
  • He grew bored of the countryside.
  • The novelty of these toys soon wore off and the children became bored with them.
  • Sometimes I enjoy my English lessons, but at other times I find them really boring.
  • This programme's boring - shall I turn over to BBC?
  • Your hair has a natural wave whereas mine's just straight and boring.
  • This town is so boring in the evening - there's never anything happening.
  • Life would be bloody boring if nothing ever went wrong.

bore verb (MAKE A HOLE)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to make a hole in something using a tool

He used a drill to bore a hole in the wall. 他用钻子在墙上凿了一个洞。
The workmen bored through the rock. 工人们凿透了岩石。

bore verb (BEAR)

past simple of bear


Phrasal verb(s)


uk /bɔːr/ us /bɔːr/


[ C ] disapproving someone who talks too much about boring subjects

I had to sit next to Michael at dinner - he's such a bore. 晚饭时我不得不坐在迈克尔旁边——他这人真讨厌。

[ S ] informal an activity or situation that is annoying or unpleasant

Ironing is such a bore. 熨烫衣服真烦人。
[ + -ing verb ] It's an awful bore cooking a meal every night. 每晚都做饭是件特别讨厌的事。
[ + to infinitive ] It's such a bore to have to write this out all over again. 非得将这重新写出来可真烦人。

bore noun (HOLE)

[ C ] specialized US usually gauge engineering the space inside a pipe or tube, or the diameter (= measurement across the widest part) of this space

a narrow bore 窄口径
a bore of 16 millimetres 16毫米的口径

bore noun (WAVE)

[ C ] a very large wave that runs from the sea up a narrow river at particular times of year

the Severn Bore 塞文河(位于英国境内)涌潮


uk / -bɔːr/ us / -bɔːr/ mainly UK US usually -gauge

used in adjectives to express the width of the space inside a cylinder, especially the inside of a gun barrel (= part shaped like a tube)

a twelve-bore shotgun 口径为12毫米的猎枪

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