Translation of "bore" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (NOT INTERESTING) 讨厌 uk us /bɔːr/ US  /bɔːr/

[ C ] disapproving someone who talks too much about boring subjects

I had to sit next to Michael at dinner - he's such a bore. 晚饭时我不得不坐在迈克尔旁边——他这人真讨厌。

[ S ] informal an activity or situation that is annoying or unpleasant

Ironing is such a bore. 熨烫衣服真烦人。
[ + -ing verb ] It's an awful bore cooking a meal every night. 每晚都做饭是件特别讨厌的事。
[ + to infinitive ] It's such a bore to have to write this out all over again. 非得将这重新写出来可真烦人。

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