Translation of "botch" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /bɒtʃ/ us /bɑːtʃ/ UK also bodge

to spoil something by doing it badly

We botched (up) our first attempt at wallpapering the bathroom. 我们第一次试着给浴室贴壁纸,结果一团糟。
noun [ C ] uk /bɒtʃ/ us /bɑːtʃ/ UK also botch-up, bodge, bodge-up

something that is spoiled by being done badly

The company made a series of botches before it went bankrupt. 公司犯了一系列愚蠢的错误后破产了。
UK The concert was very badly organized. In fact, the whole thing was a real botch-up. 音乐会组织得极为混乱,事实上简直就是一团糟。

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