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uk /ˈbɒt.əm/ us /ˈbɑː.t̬əm/

bottom noun (LOWEST PLACE)

A1 [ C usually singular ] the lowest part of something

He stood at the bottom of the stairs and called up to me. 他站在楼梯的最下面抬头叫我。
Extra information will be found at the bottom of the page. 补充信息见这一页的最下面。
The ship had sunk to the bottom of the sea/the sea bottom. 船已经沉到了海底。
At school, Einstein was (at the) bottom of (= the least successful student in) his class. 上学时,爱因斯坦是班上最后一名。
The manager of the hotel started at the bottom (= in one of the least important jobs) 30 years ago, as a porter. 宾馆的经理是30年前从最底层的搬运工开始做起的。
The rich usually get richer, while the people at the bottom (= at the lowest position in society) stay there. 通常情况是富人越来越富,社会底层的人却原地不动。
bottoms [ plural ]

the lower part of a piece of clothing that consists of two parts

I've found my bikini bottoms but not my top. 我找到了我的比基尼泳裤,但找不到上半身。
Have you seen my pyjama bottoms anywhere? 你看见我的睡裤/田径服裤子了吗?

More examples

  • The Titanic was a passenger ship which sank to the bottom of the ocean in 1912.
  • Sign your name in the blank space at the bottom of the form.
  • He found my letter at the very bottom of the pile.
  • The water in the lake is so clear that you can see the bottom.

bottom noun (FARTHEST PART)

B1 [ C usually singular ] the farthest part of something

His feet stuck out from the bottom of the bed.
UK They live at the bottom of our street (= the other end of the street from us). 他们住在我们这条街的另一端。

More examples

  • We took all the rubbish to the bottom of the garden and burned it.

bottom noun (BODY PART)

B1 [ C ] the part of your body that you sit on

She slipped and fell on her bottom. 她摔了一跤,一屁股坐到了地上。

More examples

  • She was wearing a tiny skirt that only just covered her bottom.
  • Powder the baby's bottom to stop it chafing.
  • She gave him a smart smack on the bottom.
  • Stand up straight, tuck your tummy in and tuck your bottom under.
  • That waiter just pinched my bottom!

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